What is code / coding?

According to dictionary.com, “ Code (computers) is the symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program in which letters, digits, etc. are represented as binary numbers; the set of instructions in such a program ”
Dictionary.com defines “ Coding ” (computers) as “ to translate (a program) into language that can be communicated to the computer.”

How is coding important?

As you can see on the graph below, there has been an exponential growth and development over the years, and along with it a need for people to make the said technology.
the growth of technology over the years
Many people ask “What can coding do?”, and the usual (and most correct) answer is “You should bae asking about what it can't do.”
Coding opens up so many possibilities to the world. You can make apps, webpages (such as this one), games, software, databases, and countless other things. However, there is a problem.
A very big problem.

“What is this problem?” you ask?

This problem is something that you wouldn't notice unless someone brought it up to you, like how Donald Trump's eyes look exactly like his mouth.
This problem is plaguing the globe on a massivle scale.
This problem ... is a lack of education in STEM subject education, specifically Computer Sciences, in today's schools.

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